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Drought-Resistant Landscaping

Grass is by far the biggest guzzler of outdoor residential water.  A 1,000 square foot lawn uses 50-60 gallons of water per day.  We offer a range of alternatives that will not only save water money but reduce your gardening bill and give you more free time.

Artificial Turf- Would you like a permanently green lawn without water and maintenance required? We can install beautiful artificial turf. Since we do not represent any one manufacturer we can offer a wide variety of styles and textures. Since we sell a number of alternative products we can tell you the real “down & dirty” story (the pros & cons) of artificial turf.

Low water landscapes- Does the idea of a yard covered in crushed rock really bug you? There are many interesting plants and other materials that can be used instead of grass to create an exciting and beautiful yard simply through skillful design.

Native-Xeriscape Landscaping- And what about the plants that grow naturally in the area? Using local plants doesn’t mean a yard has to look like a bunch of weeds - You’ll see how dramatic and beautiful they can be while needing less water and care.

Ground covers & Succulents- Maybe artificial turf is not for you- you want real greenery, natural beauty yet low water. Selecting just the right plants can give you lots of color and interest. Succulents and cactus offer out-of-the-ordinary plants, shapes and colors making unique and not-so-thirsty landscapes..