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Landscape & Garden Designs

We spend time listening to our clients and asking lots of questions along the way. These questions often help us to reveal a lot about the project. They help us uncover new ideas, inspirations and goals. We learn about your budget limits and how we can work towards maximizing the outcome. And we discover together what level of commitment is needed to maintain your beautiful new landscape. We also take the time to go through photo galleries, brochures and catalogues and offer customized questionnaires to ensure our customers are educated, informed and completely satisfied with our work.

We have learned after 30 years of doing business this way how to guarantee our customers a beautifully crafted custom design that shows skillful use of form, color, texture and movement. Ultimately, we strive to enhance your landscape and home in a clever, creative and inspirational way. It is our goal to make sure we find a practical design, taking time, budget and resources into consideration and relying on years of hands-on design, installation, consulting and repair experience.

Bringing our years of hands-on field experience to the design process sets us apart from design-only companies. We know the work from the ground up and bring that knowledge to every aspect of the design process.

Defensible Space protected this home. Neither fire crew or owner were present.

A design that is accurate. After years of installing from designs, we recognize that problems can occur when site plans have been poorly measured and prepared. We take the time to get it right from the start.

For most homeowners we offer:

  • Preliminary Concept Color Plan
  • Final Plan View for Hardscape
  • Final Plan View for Planting
  • Drainage and Lighting Plan
  • Patio Cover Construction Plan for City Approval

Our designs can also include numerous pages showing considerable detail, such as separate details for sprinkler-part assemblies, irrigation layout, lighting, fire and erosion control and deck and stair assembly construction plans.

Defensible Space protected this home. Neither fire crew or owner were present.

Have you ever just wanted someone to spend time with you and give you tips that would enhance your landscape and empower you to manage your investment? Our expert consultants have a minimum of 20 years of hands-on field experience and technical knowledge; they will meet with you at an hourly rate and leave you overflowing with new ideas and direction for creating and maintaining an awesome landscape.